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Moving Music interviews musicians, and those in the music industry, about the film or album that most influenced them. Listeners peek into the intimate and emotional conversations resulting from the inspiration of these art forms. Our aim with this effort is to affect and influence the way people think and feel through artistic collaboration.

Aug 3, 2020

Sometimes you just have to laugh. When it's all going crazy or wrong, a bit of humor can prove proper medicine. With “Waiting for Guffman”, Christopher Guest and Eugene Levy present a film that produces snot bubbling giggles through its entirety. Using a mockumentary style, they allow hilarious "improv" comedy to shape this story of Community Theater gone so wrong that it's right.

There has been no better friend to the podcast than Joe Viers. Our dialog has been deep and oracular. Each vertically moving conversation becomes a living treasure. I study Joe's results, which expands my trade craft comprehension as an editor. Recording and shaping is what we do; cutting away the small pieces to reveal what was always inside the raw material. As a person, there is no more giving soul than Joe. His studio, Sonic Lounge, was built to shape the vision of others. Once again, Moving Music lifts the curtain to present our favorite technical wizard, Joe Viers.