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Moving Music interviews musicians, and those in the music industry, about the film or album that most influenced them. Listeners peek into the intimate and emotional conversations resulting from the inspiration of these art forms. Our aim with this effort is to affect and influence the way people think and feel through artistic collaboration.

Jan 27, 2018

In 1998 the film “City of Angels” told the story of an angel who shed immortality in favor of the woman he was guarding. Unaware it was a remake; Moving Music brings me the original. Set in Germany before the fall of the wall, we follow this angel into an awakening, as he indulges his “Wings of Desire”.

Directing live television brought many surprises to me. That is how I met the wonderful artist, Ms. Elliot Twelvetrees. She walked into the studio in 1998 and performed in a beautifully distinctive way. Never forgetting that day, I held onto my predilection for her Moving Music interview. This conversation reveals her brave quest for a broader understanding. Join us, as we discuss the film that moved her, “Wings of Desire”.