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Moving Music interviews musicians, and those in the music industry, about the film or album that most influenced them. Listeners peek into the intimate and emotional conversations resulting from the inspiration of these art forms. Our aim with this effort is to affect and influence the way people think and feel through artistic collaboration.

Oct 9, 2017

How did you meet the love of your life? Are you still seeking? Did you love someone just to find out they were not “the one”? What kind of comical events or crisis brought you to know a personal connection? Is there really someone for everyone, and how do we find that one soul that completes us? Will that person accept us just how we are? Set in the backdrop of the 90’s Seattle grunge scene, Cameron Crowe’s film “Singles” explores the awkward or unlikely circumstances that allow for these fateful possibilities.

Jeff Tayama sent Andy Kuhar to us, and I could not have had a better time jawin’ with him. Andy has a keen sense of 90’s grunge and it comes out in this interview. He has played drums for several bands and taken his music passion on tour from city to city. We threw back a few brews, and I got to see this film through his eyes while reminiscing. It felt like two dudes just having a great discussion. We invite you to crack an adult soda and listen as we kick off this next Moving Music episode with the film “Singles”.