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Moving Music interviews musicians, and those in the music industry, about the film or album that most influenced them. Listeners peek into the intimate and emotional conversations resulting from the inspiration of these art forms. Our aim with this effort is to affect and influence the way people think and feel through artistic collaboration.

Feb 3, 2019


It has been said the hardest fought battles are those among brothers. By mid-19th century America this national sibling scrap reached fever pitch. In 1993, “Gettysburg” was the most ambitious attempt to depict the battle that changed the tide of our Civil War. I watched it on the big screen with big tears in my eyes. I have walked that battlefield and wondered how I might have died. This movie takes you there.

Bill Foley has been a close Ft. Hayes brother since we met at the Funny Bone in 1989. Through the years our lives have weaved and we share a grand love of Civil War history. He took me to where this film was made and helped me understand. Walking the battlefield with Bill is truly rewarding. His music takes you on a Rock’n’Roll journey and you yell out “Oh my god I love that song”. He taught me how to be in this professional artistic world. Moving Music welcomes you into this candid dialog with Bill Foley about work, life, and his passion for the film “Gettysburg”.